Pitch Challenge Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in joining the #CanadianDream #PitchChallenge. Below are guidelines, tips and resources to optimize your participation.

Requirements and Guidelines

For a pitch to be officially entered into the challenge, it should meet the following conditions:

  • You must sign-up here to officially enter into the pitch challenge.

  • Your pitch must be in video format (pre-recorded is okay!)

  • You can submit multiple videos - but this is better done over a couple of weeks. E.g. an initial pitch, then an updated pitch with some exciting news! Each video will be judged on its own merits independently of the other videos you submit.

  • Write something that tells us that you’re joining the #CanadianDream #PitchChallenge and conveys excitement for what you’re sharing.

  • Be brief and high level, approximately 90 seconds to 2 minutes is recommended.

  • Share your post publicly on your personal social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. The more platforms you post to, the more visibility your pitch will receive.

  • Include the hashtag #CanadianDream. Additional hashtags include (optional): #PitchChallenge #DreamSummit. Feel free to tag our social media accounts, so we can more easily find you! Here are some links: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Tips & Best Practices

Your audience is our collection of judges from the investor and venture capital community:

  • Here is an article on how to pitch. Note: You do not have to create a slide deck at this stage of the competition.

  • Your pitch should show what problem you’re solving, why that problem is both important and profitable, and how you’ve made progress towards solving it better than existing competitors.

Here are some tools to assist in the recording and presentation of your pitch:

  • For easily recording your pitch, try using Vidyard

    Social Media – Tips and Resources

1. When should I post? 

Generally, social media posts get the most traction Tuesday to Thursday between 11 - 3pm

2. What should I write?

Here is a sample post. Feel free to customize, just remember to keep it brief.

I’m excited to join the #CanadianDream #PitchChallenge! If you have been wondering what I’ve been working on for the last few months, here it is!

Keep it short and sweet. 

  • Shorter is better. One or two brief sentences is the sweet spot. 

  • 40-character Facebook posts receive 86% more engagement over others. 

  • 80-character Facebook posts receive 66% more engagement over others.

  • Facebook posts asking questions between 100 to 119 characters drive more engagement.

How should I use tags? 

  • Don’t use too many tags in your post (you can always add an extra tag later in a comment to your post).

  • Make it personal. Remember, it's your friends and family that will be will the "first adopters" of your post. As they click, like and share, Facebook's algorithm will learn that your video is interesting and share it with more people! 

3. Keep it entertaining and under 90 seconds.

  • Your video should be succinct and engaging.

  • Pitch videos under 90 seconds tend to capture the most social media engagement.

  • Longer can work too, but the better it will need to be. Or people will tune out.

  • Even with professional video and crystal clear audio, keep it brief and high level. A few details are okay, but avoid overloading your audience with information.

  • Remember that emotions are contagious. Share your passion and excitement for what you’re building!

4. Where should I upload my video? 

Upload your video directly to Facebook.

  • Post videos directly. Sharing a Youtube link gets drastically lower traction than uploading directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Additional tips

  • Avoid using a weblink or url in your post (you can share it later in the comments). 

5. Why should I share my video? 

Sharing your vision helps attract resources. 

  • Social media is the perfect avenue to gain exposure and #CanadianDream #PitchChallenge is the perfect platform for amplifying that exposure. 

  • Participating allows your friends and family to support your vision by liking, sharing and commenting. This amplifies your message. The more people that know what you’re working on, the more resources you will be in a position to attract. 

  • This competition is essentially a platform to help you increase your exposure to new opportunities to build, finance, sell, partner, or grow your business. 

  • As an added bonus… our judges are watching!


More resources coming to your inbox. Stay tuned!