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Celebrating Amazing Women Building the Canadian Dream

On February 19th, Canadian Dream Summit convened a gender-balanced conference with 50% female participation and leaders representing $2.85 billion dedicated to women entrepreneurs. Our mission is to bring together visionaries and leaders committed to enabling future unicorn founders – and women-led ventures – to build, scale, and grow the next wave of global companies. In addition to investor capital, network effect and relationship capital are needed to open doors globally.

Every step of the way, Canadian Dream Summit has been supported by– and a supporter of– amazing women helping to build Canada's innovation economy. From our operational team, to our speakers, sponsors, roundtables, and high-calibre attendees – the importance of gender diversity is embedded within every aspect of the annual gathering of leading voices we convene each year. 

We believe in the Canadian Dream and we aspire to a Canada where everyone is able to pursue and achieve their greatest ambitions. Diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility are deeply embedded values within Canadian society and central to transforming the Canadian Dream from #VisionToReality. 

We are thankful to all the amazing women helping to build the Canadian Dream.

Making Canada the 'World's Leading Innovation Economy': Canadian Dream Summit - The Sociable

Transforming Canada into the world’s leading innovation economy is at the heart of the first-ever Canadian Dream Summit.

“Our mission is to transform Canada into the world’s leading innovation economy”

Having just wrapped-up the first edition of the Canadian Dream Summit in Toronto, Ontario on Tuesday, Founder Claudio Rojas provides insight into the Canadian Dream, how to grow companies globally, and two big announcements for Canada’s innovative dreamers.

Anthony Lacavera, Claudio Rojas, and Amanda Lang at Canadian Dream Summit 2019

Anthony Lacavera, Claudio Rojas, and Amanda Lang at Canadian Dream Summit 2019

The Canadian Dream Summit is a tech conference focused on energizing Canada’s innovation economy by connecting scale-ups to the capital, talent and customers they need to grow. All of this is in service of making the Canadian Dream more accessible and achievable.

The Sociable reached out to Rojas to find out how the Canadian dream is being awakened at home and abroad.

Can you start by telling me a little about yourself and your passions?

I’m passionate about solving Canada’s unicorn problem. In a world with over 300 unicorn companies, Canada is reported to have only two.

“Canada is significantly under-represented on the global stage”

This matters to me because unicorns are not only the new economic power, they influence how live, how we interact, and how we work. Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Google, Amazon, and many others – are shaping every aspect of daily life.

Canada is significantly under-represented on the global stage, particularly when considering all the advantages, including world-class research institutions, top engineering talent, and a diverse and highly educated workforce.

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