Women in Tech

Celebrating Amazing Women Building the Canadian Dream

On February 19th, Canadian Dream Summit convened a gender-balanced conference with 50% female participation and leaders representing $2.85 billion dedicated to women entrepreneurs. Our mission is to bring together visionaries and leaders committed to enabling future unicorn founders – and women-led ventures – to build, scale, and grow the next wave of global companies. In addition to investor capital, network effect and relationship capital are needed to open doors globally.

Every step of the way, Canadian Dream Summit has been supported by– and a supporter of– amazing women helping to build Canada's innovation economy. From our operational team, to our speakers, sponsors, roundtables, and high-calibre attendees – the importance of gender diversity is embedded within every aspect of the annual gathering of leading voices we convene each year. 

We believe in the Canadian Dream and we aspire to a Canada where everyone is able to pursue and achieve their greatest ambitions. Diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility are deeply embedded values within Canadian society and central to transforming the Canadian Dream from #VisionToReality. 

We are thankful to all the amazing women helping to build the Canadian Dream.