Online Pitch Competition

There are no rules. This is entrepreneurship at its best.
Do whatever works. 


(1) Pitch your idea, company, or vision in a brief video.

YOUR PITCH –– Keep it authentic, personal, and high impact!
Who are you? Name, city, company. What are you working on?
Big picture of the problem you’re working to solve, your vision, or your goal. 

YOUR DREAM  –– What are you trying to achieve for yourself? 
How will your success, at its fullest realization, improve the lives of Canadians,
advance Canada on the global stage, or enhance Canada's brand?
What is your dream for Canada, for your company, or your community.

CALL TO ACTION –– Ask for engagement! 
Think of your closing statement as a call to action.
Show your passion. Let your personality shine.  

Deadline Feb 15th, 2018
Current Prize Pool: $2500
More prizes to be announced. 

Special thanks to: 

True North - Primary Logo-01.png

"Canada's Opportunity in Artificial Intelligence" – Kevin Yu, Advanced Analytics And Research Labs


(2) Post to social media with the hashtag #IveyPitch.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and/or Instagram. 
A panel of judges will review the top videos.


(3) Award winners

Post early to maximize your visibility
Winners will be announced at Ivey Venture Forum 2018. 
You don't have to attend to win!

"A Dream for all Canadians" – Adri Tavares, Ivey Venture Forum



Jasmin Ganie-Hobbs

Toronto, Ontario

Ajay Gopal

Toronto, Ontario

Business Development Bank of Canada - BDC Capital

Allan O'Dette - Government of Ontario - Ontario Investment Office.jpg

Allan O'Dette

Ontario Investment Office

Erin Bury

Managing Director

Eighty-eight 88 Creative Agency

panache ventures

David Dufresne

Montréal, Québec

Tanya Sardana 

Toronto, Ontario

Christian Lassonde

Toronto, Ontario

Maor Amar

Montréal, Québec

Impression Ventures - Christian Lassonde - Maor Amar.png

Impression Ventures

Paula Kwan

Civic Innovation Office
City of Toronto

City of Toronto, Paula Kwan Civic Innovation Office
Paula Kwan, Civic Innovation Office, City of Toronto

Reiza Rayman

Titan Medical Inc.

serves as the Managing Partner of Ferst Capital Partners
serves as the Managing Partner of Ferst Capital Partners

Dominique Ferst

Montréal, Québec

Sarah Stockdale Stockdale Consulting

Sarah Stockdale

Toronto, Ontario


Craig Leonard

Toronto, Ontario

MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund

Stéphane Pilette

Montréal, Québec

Anges Québec

Chris Eben

Toronto, Ontario

Chris Eben TWG

Francois Lafortune

Montréal, Québec

Karel Vuong

Montréal, Québec
Toronto, Ontario

Karel Vuong - Francois Lafortune - Diagram Ventures - Portage3

L-Spark Ottawa

Leo Lax


Pat White


Jamie Petten


Economic Development, Moncton, New Brunswick

Richard Dunn

Moncton, New Brunswick

Rob Skully

Manulife Capital Ventures

Cheryl Cheung

Manulife Capital Ventures

Monisha Sharma

Manulife - John Hancock


ScaleUp Ventures - Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts

ScaleUP Ventures


Promote your startup, vision or dream

It's Just a Pitch!

Deadline Feb 15th, 2018
Current Prize Pool: $2500
More prizes to be announced. 


What is your dream?