Canadian Dream Summit Concludes with Big Announcements


Photograph: Anthony Lacavera (Chairman and Founder of Globalive), Claudio Rojas (Founder, Canadian Dream Summit) and Amanda Lang (Anchor, BNN Bloomberg) at Canadian Dream Summit 2019. 

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TORONTO, February 22, 2019 –Canadian Dream Summit a tech conference focused on connecting scale-ups to corporates and capital, hosted an impressive line-up of leading voices shaping the future of tech, including prominent unicorn founders Anthony Lacavera, Chairman and Founder of Globalive (Sold Wind Mobile for CAD $1.6B); Mike Wessinger, CEO at PointClickCare (est. value CAD $2B) and David Ossip (CEO, Ceridian, valued at over CAD $8B). 

A core theme running through the conference was the search for Canada’s unicorns, private companies valued at over $1B.  

“I’m passionate about solving Canada’s unicorn problem. In a world with over 300 unicorn companies, Canada is reported to currently have only 2.” Said Claudio Rojas, founder of Canadian Dream Summit. “This matters to me because unicorns are not only the new economic power, they influence how we live, how we interact, and how we work. Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Google, Amazon, and many others – are shaping every aspect of daily life. Canada is significantly under-represented on the global stage, particularly when considering all the advantages we have, including world-class research institutions, top engineering talent, and a diverse and highly educated workforce.”

Canadian Dream Summit is an annual gathering that convenes leading voicesin technology, business transformation, and innovation in an intimate environment for powerful networking around a common aspiration– helping Canadian startups to reach the global stage and transforming Canada into the world’s leading innovation economy.

The origin of the Summit was revealed this year by Anthony Lacavera, Chairman and Founder of Globalive, a newly announced Special Advisor to the Canadian Dream Summit. 

Last year, when the founder of the Summit was preparing a keynote on the Canadian Dream, Rojas discovered that the loudest voice bringing the "Canadian Dream” to life was American – Chevrolet with their campaign. Delving further, he found that the term "American Dream” wasn’t coined until the 1930’s as America reached 155 years old. The term was coined by James Truslow Adams, author of “The Epic of America”. 

“As Canada had recently celebrated its 150thyear as a country, and with the Canadian Dream now coming into focus, it seems we are at an inflection point that parallels America’s cultural journey in defining itself as a nation” said Rojas. “I started this conference, the Canadian Dream Summit so that Canadians would own the Canadian Dream – and those invested in the fourth industrial revolution would be in a position to define it. This was the genesis of the Canadian Dream Summit.” 

Anthony Lacavera, Chairman and Founder of Globalive, kicked off the day with a talk about How Canada Can Win as a country. This was followed by a magnificent panel moderated by Amanda Lang, Anchor at BNN Bloomberg on how Canada can better cultivate an environment for growth. Jennifer Jackson, President of Capital One Canada delivered an inspiring keynote on how we can address and account for our biases when building a team. Michael Denham, CEO at Business Development Bank of Canada, delivered a rousing keynote on Canadian success story Hopper, founded by Frederic Lalonde.

Panels and roundtables throughout the day were filled with leading voices shaping the future of technology in Canada and abroad. A popular roundtable on Women in Entrepreneurship was hosted by TD’s Chantal Pitre. Attendees at Canadian Dream Summit represented provinces from coast to coast and both speakers and audience were gender balanced. 

The grand finale of the day was a fireside chat between The Honorable Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business and Export Promotion with two Canadian unicorn founders – David Ossip of Ceridian valued at over CAD $8 billion, and Mike Wessinger of PointClickCare, worth an estimated CAD $2 billion.  

“We have two big announcements. First, Anthony Lacavera, Chairman and Founder of Globalive, has agreed to be a special advisor to Canadian Dream Summit. Having Anthony’s passion for building global champions and experience in founding and co-founding massively successful companies will allow us to fully realize the vision of this conference – to contribute to the culture and influence the trajectory of our great country”, said Rojas. 

“Second, we are announcing our theme for Summit 2020 – Unicorn Country: Breeding Startups and Scaleups for Hypergrowth. We intend to host forums across Canada and in global destinations. The best way to grow companies globally is with collaborative national and global partners with shared values. It’s going to be a BIG year.”

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