What do we believe?

We believe in the Canadian Dream. 

This means a country where the benefits of innovation generate prosperity that flows to both innovators and society at large. We aspire to a Canada where everyone is well-positioned to pursue and achieve their greatest ambitions. This includes opening new gateways to the world, while helping our companies to more rapidly grow across borders, oceans, and cultures.

Diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility are values embedded within Canadian society. At this moment in history – the world needs more Canada, now more than ever. More Canada abroad starts with vocally recognizing and promoting those values at home, while enabling our innovators to more rapidly grow and expand their companies globally.

Technologies today will shape the world of tomorrow. Fintech, a transformative disruption in financial services, harnesses the power of increased financial inclusion. Artificial intelligence and advanced robotics, technologies that are poised to enhance human productivity, are redefining the future of work.

Canadian Dream Summit brings together important voices at the intersection of innovation and society. In the face of massive technological and societal disruption, bringing together leaders with shared values, is more urgent and important than ever.

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